The Company – More than 20 years of history

In 1.998, initially representing three European companies, Labonathus began its operational activity, becoming, in a short time, the extension of these and other international companies in both the Brazilian and South America markets.

In 2.004, recognizing the needs of the market, Labonathus also started to operate as a distributor of its commercial partners, further expanding its performance capillarity and providing greater reliability and also agility in its services, this becoming closer to its customer.

Nowadays, Labonathus represents and distributes products from several international manufactures, allowing it to offer its customer a wide portfolio of product and services in the segments of food, pharmaceutical, nutrition and supplements, personal care, feed and health animal and bioindustry

Acting throughout the national territory trough a highly qualified team and working in an integrated manner with its international partners, Labonathus offers ot its customer innovative solutions of high quality and a technical and commercial structure focused on the development of new products and services, with local inventory and specialized support, being presente in the most important companies in the different segments in which it operates, fully meeting its expectations and technical standards.

In addition, the company is permanently audited and is also a member of the SEDEX plataform, a global not-for-profit membership organization,used by more than 47,000 members in more than 150 countries and considered the world´s largest collaborative organization for  responsible data sharing in supply chain, in which most of the global companies , from different industry sector, are present.

Throughout its history, taking its business philosophy, based on respect for all the people involved in its activities, Labonathus has built long-lasting professional relationships with customers,suppliers and employees, always aiming balanced relationships, focused on customer satisfaction, acting in na integrated manner and providing transparency and security in its solutions.


Provide to the market innovative, high quality and competitive products and services, that provide customer satisfaction, well-being customer and security to all of them.


Be recognized as the company reference in solutions and viable,health and safe products.


Ethical Behavior, Integrity, Responsibility, Creativity and Innovation.


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