Prayon increases its production capacity of Food Grade Sodium Hexametaphosphate [SHMP] by 10 kt

14 de December, 2020

Prayon, a world leader in phosphate chemistry, invests in a production unit of Food Grade Sodium Hexametaphosphate (SHMP). This project is part of Prayon’s growth strategy in several sectors (food additives, water treatment, industrial applications), and it will support the Group’s development worldwide.

New Partnership: GeneFerm Biotecnology

21 de October, 2020

Labonathus is pleased to announce its latest partnership with the Taiwanese company GeneFerm Biotecnology, and includes in its portfolio, for distribution in the national market, the entire line of ingredients based on microbiological fermentation, with emphasis on vitamin K2 (NattoMena ®).

Discover the powerful action of phosphates!

14 de October, 2020

As essential as Calcium, Nitrogen, Hydrogen and Oxygen, phosphorus is present in the human body at a rate of 10g / kg, being a component of bones, teeth and the nervous system. The sum of one phosphorus atom and four oxygen atoms, in turn, gives rise to phosphate, a valuable compound present in most foods […]

The importance of choosing a reliable suplier

14 de August, 2020

With the most recent crisis caused by the new coronavirus pandemic, several segments were impacted, among them the distribution of raw-materials…

NEOS®- SALP Replacer

14 de August, 2020

Health conscious consumers are becoming more aware of the dietary risks associated with high levels of aluminium consumption…

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