Discover the powerful action of phosphates!

As essential as Calcium, Nitrogen, Hydrogen and Oxygen, phosphorus is present in the human body at a rate of 10g / kg, being a component of bones, teeth and the nervous system.

The sum of one phosphorus atom and four oxygen atoms, in turn, gives rise to phosphate, a valuable compound present in most foods and also in processed food products, being responsible for a wide range of functions, such as: protein modification; sequestration of minerals that can catalyze oxidative rancidity (the main responsible for the deterioration of foods rich in lipids), pH adjustment in meat, poultry and seafood.

In the bakery industry, the use of phosphate in fermentation contributes to ensuring the texture, color, growth and desirable characteristics of the kernels. While in the beverage segment, a variety of products are acidified by phosphoric acid purification.

In the dairy industry, phosphates regulate pH, stabilize milk proteins during heat treatment and shelf life, act as emulsifiers and sequestrants and still provide properties such as buffering capacity and protein dispersion, which result in slicing , in the uniform melting and in that smooth sensation on the palate of the processed cheeses.

And the possibilities for applying phosphates don’t stop there! These compounds are still used:

  • To balance the mineral content of food (Na, K, Ca etc.);
  • As calcium restoratives and fixatives in the pharmaceutical and supplementation industries;
  • As a raw material to supply phosphorus and calcium in the manufacture of feed and animal nutrition brokers.

Labonathus supplies its customers with the line of phosphates and phosphoric acids from Belgian Prayon, a world leader in the development of these compounds.

The company’s production lines are controlled using an HACCP approach and certified by ISO 22000, Kosher and Halal, guaranteeing the quality of the products and bringing a safer solution to the applications.

Contact us to learn more about Labonathus’ partnership with Belgian Prayon and the potential of phosphate in various industrial segments!

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