The importance of choosing a reliable suplier

With the most recent crisis caused by the new coronavirus pandemic, several segments were impacted, among them the distribution of raw-materials.  Moments like this, highlight the importance of a reliable and transparente between customer and suplliers.

The choise of a supplier can be complex, but it could determines the success or the ruin not of a project, but of the entire business.

There is no point in having a supplier with an attractive price if the delivery deadline are not respected or the products arrives damaged due to transport, for example. Thus, the choice mus be guide by some criterias, such as:

: Supplier

  • Supplier Behavior:
  • Productive Capacity:
  • Financial Healthy:
  • Quality:
  • Price
  • Pos-sale  

Another importante aspected is the definition of how many suppliers a company could work for a determined product. It could be single sourcing, multiple sourcing, or global sourcing.

Present in the market for over 20 years and with a reputation recognized by its customers, Labonathus is concerned with choosing partners who share its business philosophy.

Based on it, Labonathus guarantees its customers innovative high quality solutions and a technical and commercial structure focused on the development of new products and services, with local stock and specialized support, being present in the most important companies in the different segments in which it operates, fully meeting your expectations and technical standards.

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