NEOS®- SALP Replacer

Health conscious consumers are becoming more aware of the dietary risks associated with high levels of aluminium consumption.

In 2014, research linking aluminium consumption to Alzheimer’s disease led to a change in European legislation, eliminating the use of SALP in the majority of baked goods.

In Brazil, ANVISA determined trough RDC 285/2019, published in May 21st, 2019,a ban on the use of aluminum-based food additives in the production of bakey and biscuit products, breads with chemical cover, cereal or products, wheat flour with added additives,pasties,pizzas and similares.

However, replacing this ingredients is a huge challenge for the industry, since SALP is a leavening agente commonly used due to the excelente consistency in the rate of reaction and gas release during its storage and use, providing an adequate and consistency dough , with increased whiteness and elasticity, in addition to a neutral flavor profile, being widely used in combination with other phosphates for application in mixtures for cake, pancakes, cookies etc. Thus, its replacement requires the development of a product that is capable of replicating these characteristics, maintaining the desired final product.

Faced with this challenge, Labonathus brings NEOS ™ to Brazil, produced by Kudos Blend, a specialist in solutions for the bakery products market.

Neos ™ was carefully formulated to replace SALP, producing the same gas release profile throughout the process and offering the unique characteristics of SALP in the final product, however, without the presence of aluminum.

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